Monday, March 30, 2009

We Exist!!

Ok so it has been two months since I posted last and what have we been up to!

Well where do I start we will do February! On the 13th Dave and I went to Guatemala a little humanitarian work 9 days of R & R for us! Ha ha:)

It was an awesome trip many friends were made, many teeth extracted (1500ish) and many fillings (300ish) done! Many people out of pain! We had 9 dentists this year and 2 hygienists it was an awesome trip!

When we left Guatemala we didn't realize that when we got home we were off to the races!

Sami and Jordan have been clogging and we had competition and then we had an in office training 6 days of great learning and we have learned a ton! Thanks Jeanne! And yep we are already in to March!

Then comes Sami she signed up for Swiss Miss while Dave and I were gone! Thanks Mom for letting her! She had practice once or twice a week for the month of March. When it came down to the end of the month Nana and Grandpa Ab took Jordan and Hunter to see Paden and family in Phoenix! Thanks for the help Mom I got a ton done! Lindsie thanks for tending the kids for a week we are still waiting for Slim to come our way!

Any way Swiss Miss is a local pageant for the girls to represent the community for Swiss Days! She didn't win but had an awesome job and has had a great attitude and learned a lot! As for April we are taking all the kids and returning to Phoenix for a few days to Nana and grandpa's house! To help with the remodel! Thanks for letting us go Mom!

We are all well and just staying busier than I ever thought possible!

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