Thursday, January 29, 2009

It worked!

Hi it has been a while but to say the least the last month or so has been straight busy! But Dave and I got away for a weekend of training in California! It was get is rained the first 3 days! Glad we were in class!

So to sum up some of the last few weeks the kids have all yes all had strep throat! Ya me! Well Dave went one night and I left the next morning and yep Dave got the strep! I got a text a 2 am wishing for keflex! I took it but he still had the cold and the next night about 2 a.m. he said I need an alcohol rag! (explain my great grandma used to be a nurse so she learned the if you put rubbing alcohol on a sock usually a gym one and a men's they are longer then add some water to finish it off not to much alcohol it will over power you! Anyway then tie it or pin it around you neck it will calm the for ever hacking cough that you get at night! Yes Dave thought I was crazy the first time I suggested after we got married he does believe now!)well back to my story! So I went to the front desk to see if they had alcohol not the liquor one either we had left Utah! Well all the had was the little prep wipes that you use when when you get a shot but with about 15 of them some water and two socks and a paperclip as a safety pin we got it he slept like a baby! Glad my Great grandma taught me that trick! Hope all is well at your house and that everyone in your house doesn't get sick like mine!

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