Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bath Time WAY To Early In The Day!!

Today Jordan and Hunter were bored and watching TV so I suggested that they get in the tub! I got them out and was talking to my Mom on the phone when I heard water turn on for most this is no big deal but for us currently we have NO GRASS all Dirt we have been working on the Yard all summer! New sprinklers and now new grass welll lets just say we have mud with the least little bit of water. Even the Vet today when I took the dog was concerned about her eyes and that her eye lashes were scratching her eyes. I informed her all we had was dirt for grass and it has only been since then that the problem has surfaced. Then she said if it doesn't get better come in and we will sudate yes put her to sleep to fix it. She is crazy! well back to the kids so here are some photos from just filling water balloons just after the tub! Yes Jordan hasn't even brushed her hair!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Summer has been fun! For summer we have worked on putting in a sprinkling system,and gone up to the state park fishing, and I have worked for my great grandpa ab, and for the fourth of July I went to the stadium of fire.The fire works were cool I loved them. At the stadium the blue man group and Miley Cyrus performed.