Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have given in!!

With many asking when are you going to start a blog I am not sure is the answer. But with family moving away and Sami agreeing to help keep it up then I agreed. So here we go. As you may know we are still living in Midway and have three great kids who will turn 10 on Saturday and yes I am getting old! So I may have posts that are few and far between but hey we do exist!


Sydney said...

So I was going to be upset if you've had a blog forever and I didn't know about it, but I'll forgive you since you just started it!

We're making the big move in about 3 weeks....wish us luck. I'm sure we'll be up to Midway, we'll call you- email me your number!

Morgan Greaves said...

I just found your blog on Sarah's. I haven't seen or talked to you for years! It's fun to see pictures of your kids, they are so big! Hope all is well!